Block Party 2016 Vintage Americana


Prairie Point Block Party 2016 begins in September (2015) with the theme being "Vintage Americana".  Three color options will embrace the look of yesteryear.  Here is a photo tease to entice you to stop by the shop and discover the real charm of the fabrics seen up close and personal.  It's a difficult choice -- feel free to do two or three!

FARM GIRL fabrics have been chosen to replicate the look and feel found in Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book.  This offering will include small, colorful prints with a white background.

OLD GLORY will have reds, whites and blues in fabrics coupled with shirtings.  This Americana color scheme quilt will have an antique appearance.

PRAIRIE DAYS will use 1800s style prints of colorful fabrics as opposed to the drab hues we sometimes associate with quilts of this time.  Shirtings will complement the prints.

Prairie Point Block Party guidelines will remain the same:  You may choose either the second Monday of each month or the second Saturday of each month as your designated pick-up day.  The blocks will cost $3.00 for your first block and the following 11 months if you personally bring in your completed block (from the month before) on "your day".  If for any reason you cannot come on your day the block kit will cost $5.50 (still a bargain for the fabrics and pattern to complete your 12" block).
At the end of the 12-month program, setting kits will be available for purchase.  The pictures and descriptions of the finished quilts will be shown in June for your consideration and you may sign up for one at that time.
A mail order option is available for out-of-towners.  Call the shop for details.

Each month we will post pictures of the finished block right here in each of the three colorways.

Again, to get the special price of $3 on kits:

  • Come to the shop on the day you signed up for (the second Saturday or the second Monday)
  • Come you yourself - not friend, spouse or anyone else
  • Have the block from the month before completed and with you
  • Only one kit each month qualifies for this exceptional price


CLICK HERE to view a printable image of FARM GIRL.

CLICK HERE to view a printable image of PRAIRIE DAYS.

CLICK HERE to view a printable image of OLD GLORY.

Setting kits will be available in July and August. 

FARM GIRL is 71" x 85" and costs $65. 

OLD GLORY is 73" x 89" and costs $89.

PRAIRIE DAYS is 74" x 91" and costs $89.

OOPS! We are so sorry. There are two typos in the September Vintage Americana pattern. What a way to start off the year! Note the changes in the text below: (the key words are 7 ½” and DARK)

1.  (A)Place two of the dark 4” squares on opposite corners of the 7 ½” background square right sides
     together. Stitch a scant ¼” on both sides of the drawn diagonal line.  (B) Cut on the drawn line.
    (C) Press to the dark triangles.  You will get 2 units. (D) Place another 4” dark square on the
     corner of the large triangle.  Stitch a scant ¼” on both sides of the drawn line again.  Cut on the drawn
     line.  Press toward the triangles. Repeat with the other large triangle unit. You will get 4 finished flying
     geese units.  Trim geese units to 6 ½” x 3 ½.


September blocks.  Use your Wing Clipper for the flying geese blocks and Bloc-Loc to square up the half-square triangles.  Of course, these are not required, but helpful tools you will use many times in your quilting life.

October Block Party dates are Saturday, October 10 and Monday, October 12.

February pattern, PLEASE NOTE:  Step No. 4 sewing instructions, the 2-1/2" should say 3".


March below.


May Block above.  If you have Prairie Days or Old Glory, be sure you don't get them mixed up. Prairie Days will have green for the center medium color.