Block Party 2018 Barn Quilts

It’s that time again – time to show off our selections for Block Party 2018!  This year’s theme is Barn Quilts.   Barn Quilts have been part of American history for decades.  Today they are ever-popular across America.  Many areas have Barn Quilt Trails in which you can follow the road signs and see many barn quilts displayed on local barns. When Jeanne showed me some choices for quilt blocks this year I immediately thought they looked like the barn quilts I have been admiring on Pinterest. 

Pick up your first quilt block kit in September on either the second Monday or second Saturday.  Each month we will highlight a traditional quilt block.  It should be lots of fun as always! 


Here are the Prairie Point Block Party guidelines:  You may come in the shop on the second Monday or the second Saturday of each month.  The blocks will cost $3.50 for your first block and the following 11 months if you personally bring in your completed block (from the month before) on "Block Party day".  If for any reason you cannot come on Block Party Day the block kit will cost $5.50.

At the end of the 12-month program, setting kits will be available for purchase.  The pictures and descriptions of the finished quilts will be shown in June for your consideration and you may sign up for one at that time.
A mail order option is available for out-of-towners.  Call the shop for details: (913) 268-3333. 

Each month we will post pictures of the finished block right here in each of the three colorways.

Again, to get the special price of $3.50 on kits:

  • Come to the shop on Block Party Day (the second Saturday or the second Monday)
  • Come you yourself - not friend, spouse or anyone else
  • Have the block from the month before completed and with you
  • Only one kit each month qualifies for the $3.50 price

Look on Pinterest for some great barn quilt ideas and find some tips on how to make your own.  Or buy one designed just for you!  For now, enjoy our new Block Party selections.

Weathervane features elegant batiks in rich, dark colors.  The variation of shades in each print reminds me of a windy day on the prairie!

Ohio Star is for all you cowgirls at heart!  The blocks will be made with browns and pinks - a classic country combination! 

Windmill   Bright and colorful small-ish florals, many of which will come from Moda prints.  Expect to see pinks, teals, light yellows, and corals among them. 

These are the September blocks, the first block of the year.  You probably don't have your kit yet, but we will soon have them made up.  Buy in the month of September and you get one kit for $3.50.  You may get as many as you want, but they will be $5.50.  As usual, I can't wait to see them all made and the final quilt layout -- but that will be eleven months from now!

The September block is shown above.  The Bloc-Loc Ruler will help square up these half-square triangles so they are the perfect size. Anytime you oversize your cutting measurements, even just a bit, will give you room to square up the units, making everything fit together.

October -- What a block!  A sort of flying geese on the medium blocks, and small half-square triangles combine with squares to make four-patches for the corners.  Look easy?

November -- There is a nice variety of color and print one month to the next.  Weathervane will remain cool colors, Ohio Star has a variety of light, medium, and dark in the pinks and browns, and in Windmill we will change the combinations of hues each month. The Folded Corner Clipper will come in handy for the corner units here.  We hope you are enjoying "Barn Quilt" Block Party.

December --  Folded Corner Clipper comes in handy here.  Using it in Block Party blocks give you practice with it.  It will soon become a best friend.

January -- Sooo much easier than it looks.  Notice the 4-patch units in the four corners.  Make you half-square triangles, then sew them into 4-patch blocks.  Nothing to it!  Use Bloc-Loc to square up your hst units for perfect looking blocks.  When sewing units together to complete the block, be sure your edges come out together.  You may need to pin to achieve this, or sew from edge inward partway, then bread thread and sew from other edge to complete the seam.  You want the seams to all match up. 

February -- We are halfway through now.  Folded Corner Clipper again.  Think of this block in four corner sections all identical. Then just place them in different directions.  And happy Valentine's Day!