The Folded Corner Clipper

The Folded Corner Clipper by Prairie Sky has got to be one of the most practical and versatile tools you can have at your cutting table.  Many patterns call for the triangle in a block to be made by drawing a line that you will sew directly on and then trim away the seam allowance.  With the Folded Corner Clipper you can put an end to that.  Simply place this triangle shaped ruler on the square, trim away the excess leaving a seam allowance, then sew with a ¼” seam from the cut edge.  Let me show you how it's done.

I am working blocks 9 and 10 for the Be My Neighbor Block of the Week from Moda Fabrics.  Here I am making a flying geese block for block 9.  You know how that is done.  

Here my triangle begins with a 3” square, so I lay this on the 3” rectangle; lay the Folded Corner Clipper on them as shown above with the 3” line at one edge and the top of the ruler at the other edge.  

Cut along the edge of the square through the rectangle. The diagonal line you see here represents the seam line.  Remove the waste and sew ¼” from your cut edge. Press background away from rectangle.

Then repeat for the other side of the flying geese unit.  Be sure you have positioned your ruler properly, like the picture above, so that you make the geese block.  

You do not want to place the ruler on the unit horizontally like on the left, (unless that is the kind of block unit you are intending to make) nor upside down and vertically like on the right, which will put your seam allowance on the wrong side of the seam line.

With accurate cutting and sewing you will end up with nicely made units.

Putting a triangle on one corner of a square is another use for the Folded Corner Clipper. Just keep placing and cutting, lining them up on a surface you can just pick up and take to the sewing machine.

Here I am making little bow-tie units for block 9.  Whoops! I sewed the square to the wrong side of one of them. A little ripping out to do here.

The trees in block 10 can also be made with the Folded Corner Clipper.  I really like my quarter-inch foot with the ledge on the side.

Here I'm using it for the floating star, too. Notice how the seam allowance does not go to the star points. No star tips getting in the seam allowance here!  I love this technique.  Check out our Jane Austen Stars quilt pattern, or Squares Baby Quilt & Floating Stars pattern.

Here you can see what your finished units look like for the floating star made with this technique. See how your 1/4" seam allowance is a distance from the points?  Really cool!  Your patterns will not instruct you to use this tool, but now you know how to apply it and can use it in any of your patterns.    

Many quilters love the Folded Corner Clipper so much they have bought one for a friend. Now that is a true act of charity.

You can use the Folded Corner Clipper to trim the ends of your binding strips before you sew them together. Use it for flying geese and snowball blocks and absolutely any time your pattern tells you to, "draw a line... sew on the line... trim away."  The tool comes with complete instructions and Prairie Sky Quilting has many patterns designed for the Folded Corner Clipper.

Come in to Prairie Point and we will show you a demo if you would like.