Giggles and the Sidekick Ruler

giggles quilt.jpg

I found this adorable pattern from Jaybird Quilts three years ago and have been looking for the perfect fabric for it. When The Big Chill from DearStella arrived I knew I finally found it.  Of course there are many fabric collections that will work wonderfully for this design.  I have just a few tips here to show how the Sidekick Ruler is used to cut out the shapes and to put the blocks and rows together. 

Cut ten-inch squares into rectangles the same width as the background strips.  (This can even be done without beginning with squares.  Use your favorite fabric from your own collection and cut into rectangles as directed in pattern.)  

Cut diamonds from these print squares. Be sure the directional prints run the direction you want them to, and the other side is a mirror image running in the correct direction.

Cut background fabric into diamonds, too. The pattern shows you how to make units to complete your rows.

Lay out on the table or floor all the diamonds with the alternate background pieces.  Then you will sew them together in lengthwise rows. Sew two lengthwise rows together to complete the design. The pattern instructions are excellent and will give all the information you need.

Check out this VIDEO for a demo on using the Sidekick Ruler.

It's all really very simple.

It looks great. Quilt it any way you want. It is a small quilt at 40" x 44".

Now all it needs is a baby.