Block Party's April Block

April Block Party is the Centennial Star.  Here are a few tips in making this month's block.

Number 1 -- (#1) Mark or crease the center of the square and the center of the triangle.  Match these markings up when sewing the seam.  Directions tell you to press to the background square on one triangle and to the triangle side on the other, but make sure you do this on all four of them the same way so they are all identical.

(#2) Mark the center of the rectangle and match to the corner point of Unit #1. Sew rectangle to Unit 1; sometimes the Unit #1 will be wider than the rectangle; trim #1 to the size of the rectangle.

When I place my side background triangle on Unit 1, the small triangles may extend past the corner of the square on 1 side! Sew the large triangle on with raw edges even.  Make sure your seam is 1/4" and raw edges together.

You don't want your star points to look like this, so you may need to rip and trim before sewing back together again.

When sewing a seam sometimes the fabric drifts away making your seam allowance narrow at the end. This can also be a reason why it look like the pictures above.  Sew again to be sure it is 1/4"!  Using a stiletto helps with this -- those times when you want to use your finger but it is too big to get into the small places. 

This is what you want your star points to look like at the edge.

Continue with the pattern instructions and your block will look like this. Now, wasn't that worth it?