Shabby Chic

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I found this definition from Wikipedia:

noun: shabby chic 

a style of interior decoration that uses furnishings that are or appear to be pleasantly old and slightly worn.

Here are some examples I found on Pinterest:

"A fashionable but informal style of decoration that uses furniture and other objects that look old and used, not modern and new."

Tanya Whelan with Free Spirit Fabrics always offers a beautiful group of pastel prints, most of them from the Charlotte collection.  This one is pink, blue, gray, and green.  Fat quarter bundles are available.  Cool Water pattern from Villa Rosa is what I chose for the quilt.  It's just a bunch of squares and rectangles making it perfect for this collection.  I really just want to look at the fabric designs anyway, not necessarily detailed quilt blocks here. 


The pattern is Chianti.  Pattern calls for 16 fat quarters.  We used a 12-Pack Bundle which is perfect for baby size.  Want it larger?  Get 20 or 24 fat quarters.  Caroline by Brenda Riddle for Moda Fabrics features her typical color and tiny floral.  I love Brenda's prints and by the way they sell, it seems you do, too.


We received three pieces from Moda's Cottontail Cottage collection by Bunny Hill Designs.  So I took the bunny print and the red check and made a whole-cloth baby quilt.  Scallops give some chic to the shabby theme.  The quilts turns out to be about 38" x 50".  Perfect.


Some of the quilts we have offered in the last few years include this baby quilt made with the Scrap Crazy tool from Creative Grids.  (I love this one!  I mean the tool.  But the quilt too.)

Use a Layer Cake for convenience for a baby quilt, two for a nice throw.  Come in and we'll show you how to do it.


I think French General could fit in the Shabby Chic category.  Depends on the prints you use and what you do with them.  This red and white quilt we made with Atelier de France works for me.


3 Sisters with Moda often has 'the look'.  Poetry last year was stunning. This year they designed Victoria.  It will arrive at Prairie Point in February. 

 Make a rag quilt with cotton prints.  Now this is where the shabby part really comes in.  The pretty prints give the chic look.

Make a rag quilt with cotton prints.  Now this is where the shabby part really comes in.  The pretty prints give the chic look.


There are lots of ways to get the Shabby Chic look if you love it.  Cotton lace, old hankies, ball fringe, yo-yos. Use double gauze for quilts or for clothing. Make bags; some of the ByAnnie patterns would be fun.  Search it on Pinterest for some inspiration. You can make any item with the right kind of fabric and get 'the look'.  I think Fig Tree, Bonnie & Camille, and other Moda designs can work. Using patterns by Tina Givens you can wear Shabby Chic.


You are limited only by your imagination!

Do you like to decorate with the shabby chic look?  What says shabby chic to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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