This block of the month program beginning in January 2017 is the Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series by Susan Marth of Suzn Quilts...  The program lasts for 12 months (January to December).  Each month you will receive a kit with the fabric and buttons to make a 6" x 8" hanging.  The Tiny Dresden Tool from Suzn Quilts... is used to make these blocks.  We also have hangers available at the shop for you to buy and display your hangings.  Buy one and change the hanging out every month, or buy twelve and display them all at once.  Quilt them as desired.  They can be sewn by machine or by hand.

(NOTE: Embroidery floss for the words will not be included in the kits.  You can use black embroidery floss, as we did in our samples, or another color floss on your blocks.)