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Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline.

Moon River.

Moon River.

Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The quilts finish at 78” x 98”. Finishing kits are $97.




Sweet Caroline.

Tender florals and soft pastel colors will give this quilt an elegant shabby chic look.  The name says it all -- charming, feminine, and sweet as can be! 




Yankee Doodle Dandy. 

In true patriotic Americana style, this quilt will incorporate various red, white, and blue shades: blues from some reproduction prints, and a touch of red now and then.  Each block will be set in a background of scrappy shirtings to complete the timeless vintage feel. 





Moon River. 

Bright Kaffe Fassett prints paired with Bella and Paintbrush Solids, and a gray solid background for each block.  You can be sure this quilt will have a modern flair and a be colorful feast for the eyes. 

Here are the Prairie Point Block Party guidelines:  You may come in the shop on the second Monday or the second Saturday of each month.  The blocks will cost $3.50 for your first block and the following 11 months if you personally bring in your completed block (from the month before) on "Block Party day".  If for any reason you cannot come on Block Party Day the block kit will cost $5.50.

At the end of the 12-month program, setting kits will be available for purchase.  The pictures and descriptions of the finished quilts will be shown in June for your consideration and you may sign up for one at that time.
A mail order option is available for out-of-towners.  Call the shop for details: (913) 268-3333. 

Each month we will post pictures of the finished block right here in each of the three colorways.

Again, to get the special price of $3.50 on kits:

  • Come to the shop on Block Party Day (the second Saturday or the second Monday)

  • Come you yourself - not friend, spouse or anyone else

  • Have the block from the month before completed and with you

  • Only one kit each month qualifies for the $3.50 price

September is the first month with a beautiful star block.  The Tucker Trimmer is wonderful for squaring up the quarter square triangle units.  Let us show you how it works, or use your usual Creative Grids square ruler. 

Kits are $5.50, but if you bring this finished block in October 8th or 13th you will get your next kit for $3.50!

October — The Folded Corner Clipper works great for the flying geese technique shown on this month’s pattern. Just two colors plus background this time. We’ll make up for that later!

For Sweet Caroline, we made some fabric substitutions; if you want the blue to be in the placement as shown in the block below, be sure to use the blue you were given as the dark. Many times medium and dark are arbitrary in these blocks.

November — Bloc-Loc and Square Squared here. Notice how all three blocks look so different. It’s color placement. We didn’t intend for the differences, but that is the way it came out by the colors and placements we chose.


3.  Place the 5” background squares on top of the dark squares, right sides together.  Stitch ¼” on both sides of the drawn line.  Cut on the line.  Press toward the light triangle.  Square unit up to 4½” .

December — Accuracy in cutting and piecing is important. Use a good rotary cutter, watch the lines on your ruler closely, and be sure your 1/4-inch seam allowance is accurate. Press seams. Another tip that is meaningful here: “dark” does not always mean the print is darker; as you can see, “medium” might be darker than “dark”. It’s all about placement of the prints, especially when working with three color-ways.

January — Wow! You have four prints plus the background this month. We are going all out here! This is a fabulous block. Use your Tucker Trimmer and Bloc-Loc if you have them.

February — You can’t get much easier than this. Do you have a flying geese ruler like Bloc-Loc Flying Geese, Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese, or Wing Clipper from Studio 180? If not, see the link below for tips on squaring up with your straight ruler.

A little OOPS! for your February block pattern! The piecing instructions have a different measurement printed for the background 7-1/2” square and the medium 4-1/4” square from the cutting instructions. The cutting measurements are correct. Do not trim your squares down. #1 should say: Place 2 of the medium 4-1/4” squares on opposite corners of the 7-1/2” background square right sides together. Then later, Place another 4-1/4” medium squares on the corner…

How to square up flying geese units without a special trim tool — This demo is shown for the 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” geese units because that is what is made for this month’s block. The same principle applies for any size.

March — Bloc-Loc helps with the outer corners. Use your favorite flying geese tool for squaring up the geese units, or see the tips in the link above for doing this without a special trim tool. As always, let us know if you have any questions, need any help, and want to see a demo in the shop.

Oops! We found an oops moment — If you have not cut your medium square yet, cut it 7-3/4” instead; then continue with the instructions. If you have cut it you may find when you go to square up your units that you have an extra little piece in there you don’t want. See the pictures below:

This is caused by the goose square not being large enough for the smaller squares. Sorry if you have to make adjustments because of our misprint :( but it is fixable. Let us know if you have any questions.

This is caused by the goose square not being large enough for the smaller squares. Sorry if you have to make adjustments because of our misprint :( but it is fixable. Let us know if you have any questions.

Remove the stitches as shown. Pull that section back and remove stitches on the other side.

Then you can remove the little piece that was in there. Lay the lower section where it belongs and re-stitch. Press back and lay other side down and re-stitch. Press unit, then square up using your preferred method.

Special tools are not required for any of the blocks, but can help make your block units turn out more precise and accurate, and it is a great way to learn these techniques for your future quilting projects! Remember, each block should measure 12-1/2”; if it doesn’t, there is a reason. We can help you figure that out.

April — Just get your half-square triangles squared up and sized just right. Got a Bloc-Loc? Tucker Trimmer works well, too.


June — Begin signing up for the Setting Kits this month.

July — Setting kits are ready but you may wait until August if you want to.

On the July Yankee Doodle block the finished quilt has dark and medium swapped. The kit has fabric amounts for the block shown above. I like it better this way.

August — This is the last month! Pretty easy block. Finishing kits are available if you choose. Did you sign up for the next Block Party selection? It’s called A Change of Seasons and has three more colorways — red and off white for Winter, bright colors for Summer, and rich colors of autumn for Fall.