Block Party 2020: A Change of Seasons

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Celebrate the seasons with our 12-block sampler quilts!  This year we will have three seasonal themes: Summer, Fall, & Winter.

We're still taking sign ups! Choose one or two colorways, or do all three (we know it’s hard to decide!).



The bright batiks in this quilt will welcome warmer days.



Moda Grunge fabrics blend with newsprints for a rustic feel.



Red & white fabrics create a traditional and festive quilt for the holiday season.

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Here are the Prairie Point Block Party guidelines:  You may come in the shop on the second Monday or the second Saturday of each month.  The blocks will cost $3.50 for your first block and the following 11 months if you personally bring in your completed block (from the month before) on "Block Party day."  If for any reason you cannot come on Block Party day the block kit will cost $5.50.

At the end of the 12-month program, setting kits will be available for purchase.  The pictures and descriptions of the finished quilts will be shown a couple months before for your consideration and you may sign up for one at that time.

A mail order option is available for out-of-towners.  Call the shop for details: (913) 268-3333. 

Each month we will post pictures of the finished block right here in each of the three colorways offered.

Again, to get the special price of $3.50 on kits:

  • Come to the shop on Block Party Day (the second Saturday or the second Monday)

  • Come you yourself - not friend, spouse or anyone else

  • Have the block from the month before completed and with you

  • Only one kit each month qualifies for the $3.50 price

September — This is the first block of the year! I love the Jacob’s Ladder block; one of my favorites. And how easy is it! Four-patch and half-square triangles. Use your Bloc-Loc or Tucker Trimmer to square up the half-square triangle. Do you have a small ruler at your cutting table? It will help with accuracy in cutting small pieces for a single block at a time. Don’t use a 24” ruler— it is cumbersome and gets in the way. Accuracy in sewing is important in getting these blocks to be the right size. 12-1/2”

October — It’s amazing how color combinations can make a block look so different from another one. For Fall and Summer blocks you will see lots of colors come together in the blocks over the next several months. Winter will change in prints more than in color.

Bloc-Loc, Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper, Ultimate Flying Geese . . . any of these will help to perfect your block.

How to square up flying geese units without a special trim tool — This demo is shown for the 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” geese units because that is what is made for this month’s block. The same principle applies for any size.

Be sure your block units come out even on the outer edges. How to do that if they don’t seem to meet up? Use pins. Pin seams at outer edges of block so they meet, then if necessary, ease the seam together as you stitch it. Pin where all seams should meet up if it helps you to be more accurate.